OXID Corporation

OXID Corporation has been recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of medical laser articulated arms for over 30 years. Built to exacting standards, the “OXID” arm delivers the most accurate, repeatable performance in the industry.

Throughout its history, OXID has had a consistent track record of innovative products with the highest quality standards and just-in-time deliveries.

You can now take advantage of this established manufacturing facility to boost and improve your own productivity.

ISO 9001 and 13485 certified, OXID Corporation has the ability and experience from the concept onward with full documentation, or simply manufacture to your existing specifications.

The lead time and just-in-time advantages will benefit your company across the board. Let us prove the savings in manpower, lead time and facilities. You can realize the benefit of our complete contract manufacturing capabilities.

Knowledgeable Sales

We’ll analyze your system requirements and provide an advanced process solution for your laser machine or new laser-based product.

Exacting Fabrication

OXID maintains an extensive network of manufacturing partners for the fabrication of all machined components. These partners are continually reevaluated for their conformance to OXID’s stringent manufacturing standards for precision machining and quality control. All OXID parts are 100 percent CNC machined and part tolerances are maintained within microns. By maintaining a high standard for manufacturing precision, all parts deliver unmatched repeatability, durability and reliability.

Quality Control

Every item OXID builds goes through a rigorous testing procedure to meet or exceed all current Quality Control certifications. OXID products, for sale in the European common market, are tested in conformance with the required European Council Directives that allow them to carry the CE Mark.