At OXID we’ve redefined scanner performance with our revolutionary dual-microprocessor design. Scanning speeds are light-years ahead of slower, one controller designs, and most upgrades can be made simply via software reprogramming.

Interaction with most laser systems is simpler and safer. Direct Parallel I/O with pulsed lasers is available without hardware modifications.

Laser power spikes are eliminated with our exclusive internal beam dump – laser start spikes are safely dumped inside the scanner.

Laser input is AXIAL to the scan output like a normal handpiece. This ingenious improvement avoids the limiting side input or the awkward fixed angle input on other systems.

A modular design allows for easy integraion into existing laser systems or for use as a stand-alone device. Contact your OXID Design Team for control panel options.


  • Axial input allows scanner use like a standard handpiece
  • Disposable handpiece tips available
  • Easy access smoke evacuation
  • 360 degree rotation on axis

Scan Characteristics

View PDF Version of specifications

  • Scan Dimensions (max): To 35 mm in largest dimension (1)
  • Scan Patterns Available: Square, Rectangle, Parrallelogram, Circle (2), Donut, Hexagon, Line, Cut, More
  • Scan Pattern Size: Continuously adjustable
  • Minimum Location Dwell Time (CW input): 150 msec.
  • Dwell Time (CW Input): 150 msec. to 9.9 msec.
  • Scan Overlap Range: -30% to +30% continuosly adjustable
  • Mirror Wavelengths: Most wavelengths available
  • Integral Aiming Beam (waveguide or fiber input only): 650 nm, <5 mw


  • Laser: Designs available for all inputs (3)
  • Electrical: 90 VAC to 240 VAC, 1.6 amp. max., 50/60 Hz


  • Scan Control Pad: Tactile touch pad, moisture resistant
  • Controller: Dual-processor, full 8-bit, on-board memory
  • Laser Foot Switch: Connects to Driver Box
  • Laser Firing: From signal generated by Driver Box
  • Pulse Laser Interaction: Complete laser to scanner signal coupling

Safety Features

  • Spike Pulse Suppressor: Built-in software eliminates power spikes from CW lasers – associated with initial laser firing


  • Output Lenses: Lens focal length designed to match laser system
  • Integration: All circuit boards designed for internal placement in laser system. I/O and software readily adaptable to standard internal signals

(1) Shape dimensions are not limited to a few factory presets but are continuously variable and are only limited to the largest clear aperture and output optic selection.
(2) Circle will actually be a compiling of many flat sides.
(3) Adapters for most delivery systems and wavelengths available.
Note: CE versions available (IEC-601 compliant)